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The union supply chain has become the largest part of the U.S. economy.

In 2014, the UAW employed almost 16.6 million workers in the U, according to the AFL-CIO.

That number rose to nearly 20 million in 2015, the year the trade group’s membership hit a record of 21.5 million.

But with the rise of automation, the supply chain now makes up just 7.5 percent of the economy.

With the economy slowing and a $19 trillion deficit looming, the union movement has been struggling to survive.

But as the industry continues to grow and automation takes hold, union supply-chain workers are getting more than they bargained for.

The National Retail Federation’s union sales and marketing division is seeing an uptick in union membership.

The union’s new president, Bob Jones, said that the organization’s sales and support team has doubled in the last year.

It now employs about 400 people in the company’s supply chain, he said.

The labor force in the union-dominated retail industry is shrinking.

According to the latest census data, there are roughly 5 million fewer workers employed in the retail industry than there were just 10 years ago.

And the share of workers ages 18 to 64 is shrinking, too.

According the Census Bureau, there were nearly 5.3 million working people ages 18 and older in the United States in 2014.

But in the 10 years before the recession, the labor force increased by just 1.2 million.

It’s expected to increase by more than 4 million people between 2020 and 2023.

The retail industry employs about 11.5 per cent of all workers, according the Census.

And it has more than double the unemployment rate than any other sector, the bureau found.

The industry has struggled to keep up with the shift in the workforce.

As automation takes a toll on workers, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a steady supply chain that includes the supply of goods, Jones said.

Jones is right.

With new technologies and the changing role of workers in modernizing industries, the traditional labor force has been shrinking.

And that has put pressure on the supply-chains to maintain jobs.

The new labor force is comprised of workers who are either laid off or who are retired.

The number of laid-off workers has risen since 2010, but the number of retirees is shrinking as the workforce is retooled.

That is especially true in manufacturing, where the majority of jobs have been lost to automation.

There are also concerns about workers getting sick or leaving the labor market due to automation, Jones noted.

The growing demand for robots, Jones added, is creating more pressure on supply chains.

The rise in automation is also pushing up prices for goods.

According with the Census data, the average price for a pound of bread in 2016 was $1.85.

The average price rose by nearly $1 over the past year.

This year, it’s expected that the average will jump to $2.40.

It is an even bigger leap than in recent years, when the price for corn was more than three times higher than last year’s price.

Jones said the price increase has affected the wages of workers.

He said that as the supply chains continue to grow, the prices of goods are going up as well.

Jones, who also serves on the National Retail Association’s board of directors, said he expects the labor supply- chains to continue to increase in price in the coming years.

But he cautioned that workers should expect to see a decrease in their wages.

“The question is, is the increase in costs going to be a real thing or is the labor productivity going to increase and continue to be competitive,” Jones said in an interview with CBS News.

“You know, we’re talking about workers that are going to have to make sacrifices to make a living.”

The supply chain is also taking on a new role in the economy that was once handled by workers, Jones explained.

“It’s becoming increasingly important that it be in the supply side, not the sales side, because the people who make the products and the things we sell, we know how to make them,” Jones added.

With the help of automation and the rise in the cost of living, the retail sector is beginning to look more like the other industries. “

What we’re trying to do is get those people who have a lot of experience making products and things that have been sold to us to bring that experience to the retail side.”

With the help of automation and the rise in the cost of living, the retail sector is beginning to look more like the other industries.

According in the latest Census Bureau data, manufacturing and other services are growing faster than retail.

And according to Jones, he expects that the number and share of retail workers in manufacturing and related occupations will increase in the next decade.

“There’s going to probably be an increase in retail workers, but not nearly as much as you see in other industries,” Jones explained, noting that retail sales are the largest source of employment for U.s. workers.

Jones noted that the growth in retail employment has been fueled by technology and

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