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The “CouPA” company is a small, private equity firm with roots in the apparel industry.

They have a very specific niche in the retail and luxury space, and they’ve made an incredible run at it.

Now, they are expanding into a much broader business.

The company has a number of clients, including big-name brands like Gap, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger.

They recently purchased the brand “Glamour” from Calvin Klein. 

Here’s how the company is doing it. 

The business model of the company The company’s biggest client, according to a person familiar with the deal, is Calvin Klein–the label that made them famous in the ’90s.

That was when the company was one of the first to create a line of high-end clothing with high quality fabrics.

That meant high-quality garments, and a very premium price point. 

When the brand was launched in 1995, the price of a Calvin Klein dress was $10,000, according the source.

Today, it’s more like $20,000.

The brand has a very low turnover, so the brand has been able to keep up with the fashion industry as well as its own customers. 

According to the person familiar, “The brand is owned by the same company that owns the Calvin Klein empire.” 

“CouPas” is the company’s largest client and is a big part of its strategy. 

In addition to the Calvin and Klein, the brand also has a line called “Glimmer,” a line that is very similar to Calvin Klein’s, but is made in a higher-end way.

“Grimm” and “Lemon” are the colors that the company also makes. 

For example, the shoes the company makes are made in Italy, while the jewelry is made by a company called “Pegasus.” The “Coupé” company was founded in 2000.

It’s not the first brand to make clothes for brands like Calvin Klein and Calvin, but the company has the biggest name in the industry. 

They’ve also built a great customer base, which they use to help them sell the brands. 

 In fact, they’re trying to do the same thing. 

A spokesperson for the company tells me that the majority of their clients are brand owners. 

This year, they spent $9 million on inventory for the business, including $1.5 million on new inventory, and the company expects to continue to increase the spending in the future. 

If they succeed in expanding into the retail space, it will be interesting to see if the brand can keep up. 

“We’re doing the same stuff that they did in the fashion business,” the person said.

“But we have our own unique business model.” 

It sounds like the brand is making some real headway, and it could be a real coup for a small start-up.

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