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A new baby supply deal is a welcome addition to the growing list of baby products being blamed for the shortage of milk and formula in Australia.

But it’s also a potentially dangerous one, according to experts. 

The baby supply issue is a serious one, says baby food expert Dr Anne Latham.

She says the biggest risk to a baby’s health comes when a baby is fed too much formula or too much milk at once. 

“A lot of people are just fed too many things, so you’ve got a lot of baby formula and a lot that’s being given to the baby as a meal.”

That’s where it’s really dangerous for the baby. 

“[But] in some cases there is a real danger that you’re feeding too much baby food at once, and then the milk goes to the stomach, which then gets in the way of the baby’s digestion.”

You can also have an excess of formula, which is not only damaging to the digestive system but potentially also the brain. 

It can lead to a lot more problems.

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