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A trailer supply shop in Melbourne has been branded a “shady operation” by a former customer.

A former customer, who is a lawyer and was in a relationship with the owner of the trailer supply company, said the business operated as a front for the supply chain of the Islamic State group, and used deceptive tactics to get the goods to customers.

“The trailer supply chain was not just one big, dirty business but it was more like a huge grey area where all of these businesses had a lot of money, a lot more power, a big amount of influence, but they had to have a clear vision of what they were doing and the people they were trying to help,” the former customer said.

She said the shop was run by a young, “radicalised” young man, who had been arrested several times for violent offences.

The former customer was told by the shop’s manager that the shop had “taken on the reputation of a black market supply shop”, and that he should be careful about the information he provided.

He said the owner told him to “take his business elsewhere” and not to bother contacting the police.

But the shopkeeper has not been charged with any crimes.

An independent review of the investigation by the Department of Health concluded that there was no evidence the business was linked to terrorism.

In a statement, the department said it was disappointed that the store had been taken down but would continue to work with the Australian Federal Police to help it to reopen.

It said the department had been “extremely diligent” in the investigation.

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