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A doctor in the province says calling 911 when a child is sick and needs medical attention is a smart move, but not if your child is in danger.

Ravin Sarma said his son, 10-year-old Joshua, is sick with severe fevers and vomiting and needs urgent medical attention.

“If you’re not in the room with him, call 911.

If you’re in the family, call the police,” said Sarma, who has been practicing medicine in Mississauga for 20 years.

He also says parents need to know what their child’s condition is.

Sarma says he’s never had to call 911 because he’s always been in the hallway with his son.

“That’s my job, to take care of him,” he said.

SMAZARIAN SAYS HE NEVER CALLED 911 “I don’t even have the time to walk my dog around, so I’ve been sitting there, waiting for him to go into shock,” said Joshua.

I don’t have a clue what my son’s condition will be for the rest of his life.” “

You should always call 911, it’s a lifesaver.

I don’t have a clue what my son’s condition will be for the rest of his life.”

Sarma is calling on other doctors and families to be more aware of what’s happening with their children.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that 911 is a lifesaving device,” said he.

“It’s not.”

SMAZZARIAN HAS NOT CALLED THE POLICE ON TIME OR TO ANOTHER CHILD TO CALL 911 “When I do call 911 and someone doesn’t call me back, it just means they’re just waiting to make sure the ambulance arrives,” said Dr. Sivan Sarma.

“Sometimes they don’t, sometimes they call me and I say, ‘Oh, okay, sorry.'”

The province says that if you’re concerned your child has a serious illness or injury, you should call 911 in the first instance.

It says you should also call 911 if you see a child who’s unresponsive, has no pulse, is breathing heavily, or is showing signs of convulsions.

The province also says you can call 911 from your car if you think a child might be in distress.

SAVANNAH SAVANTI SAYS THAT PHONE CALLING IS NOT A LIFE-SAVING THING “If I had a son or daughter, I’d probably want to take him out in the car or put him on a stretcher or something and call 911 for them to get him in the ambulance,” said Savanti.

“I think it’s irresponsible to do that, but that’s the way it is.”

SAVANCER SAYS CALLING 911 IS NOT ABOUT BONDAGE, JUST HELPING PEOPLE GET HOME “Call 911 because you need to get somebody in,” said Sabanti, who lives in Toronto.

“And if they’re going to do it, they have to get them to the hospital, so that’s why 911 is such a lifesave.”

SRAVANCER ALSO SAYS PHONE CUSTOMERS NEED TO TELL POLICE WHEN TO CALL OUT If you are worried someone might be calling 911 and they’re unresponsive or are not breathing, call 311, or 911, said Savarti.

If they are breathing, then you need medical attention, he added.

But Sabantin says the emergency response is about saving lives, not getting them home.

“In my mind, if somebody’s going to die, it should be the paramedics and doctors and nurses that are there,” said the doctor.

“Call out when someone is breathing, not when they’re not.”

A police officer from Toronto, who asked not to be named, said he is also concerned the system is not working.

“There is a lot of confusion about 911,” said police spokesperson Det.

Brian Burke.

“They’re not telling people when to call.

They’re not doing a good job of communicating what they’re calling out for, especially with kids.”

He said he’s concerned about the lack of communication between parents and police.

“A lot of the parents that we talk to are being put on a pedestal, they’re getting to a place that they don,t want to go,” said Burke.

Burke said it’s important to know if your children are in danger because parents often don’t know if they are.

“At least for me, it was my job to be the person who was there when I was there,” he added, adding that police don’t want to lose their trust.

“When they’re in that situation, they feel like they’re doing the right thing,” said him.

Burke also says the system needs to be changed.

“The way 911 is set up now, it is completely inaccurate,” he told CBC News.

“We’re not dealing with the real situation.

We’re dealing with a phone call,

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