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Medical supply is not just about your medical needs, it’s also about the doctor’s attitude, according to Giancarlo Zanotti.

“The whole process of the doctor is like a business,” Zanotti told Sport Italias.

“If you want the doctor to do something, you have to pay the price.”

While the price of medicine is a key component of medical supplies, doctors are not necessarily the best or most effective partners.

Zanotti said the doctors are a “minor nuisance” and the biggest impediment to a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

“You need a strong personality and the best rapport possible with the patient,” Zanottis said.

“You can’t get that by a doctor, because they’re not good in that.” 

The doctor is also a “partner” and Zanotti added that the “doctor” is “not a person who is very trustworthy”.

“You have to understand that, because he is a doctor and the doctor will not tell you everything,” Zanetti said.

“A doctor does not always have to do everything, he can do a lot. 

You need the trust that the doctor has.” 

But is it a wise investment?

Zanotti stressed that the price is “worth it”, but added that doctors are still a “major nuisance” in the modern medical setting.

“If you do not have a good relationship with the doctor, you can never have a normal medical appointment,” Zanetta said. 

“If the doctor doesn’t have trust in you, you’ll have a bad experience.”

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