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I have a few choices.

For one thing, I don’t think it’s fair to expect people to vote for someone they can’t actually agree with.

But it’s not like Trump’s unpopularity is that surprising.

He’s been on the right side of the issue on every issue.

It’s just that Trump hasn’t done it well.

That’s why Trump’s election could be bad news for Republicans, but also good news for Democrats.

The problem for Democrats, of course, is that they have a nominee who’s a polarizing figure who has alienated voters.

They could lose control of the House, but they could still take control of either the Senate or the White House.

This is the sort of problem that the 2016 election was supposed to solve.

But, alas, the problem isn’t fixed until 2020.

I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to beat the Democrats.

I’ve seen the best, and I’m not going to vote against anyone.

I’m going to fight for the best.

Donald Trump is not going away.

The Republican Party has an important role to play in the 2020 election.

The party has to play a more active role in electing conservative, principled candidates.

And it has to be able to take the lead in the fight against the president.

But there’s a big caveat.

Republicans have to start acting like Democrats.

They have to recognize that their party’s problems don’t stem from the president’s unpopularities.

They stem from their own failures.

They also have to realize that their candidate can’t win without voters agreeing with him.

It has to come across as an honest and principled approach.

Trump has been a disaster on all fronts.

But the Republicans have done better than the Democrats in terms of electing the most conservative candidates in history.

We have a candidate who’s the polarizing, unpopular, divisive figure of our time, and yet he’s won elections.

And now that Trump is out of the White and is no longer the party’s standard bearer, it’s up to the GOP to make a clear commitment to defeating him.

Donald Trumps approval ratings have been the lowest since Ronald Reagan.

And we know that Trump’s approval rating has declined every single month since he entered office.

But Trump still has a very high disapproval rating.

That means the vast majority of Americans don’t like Trump.

And that’s not a bad thing.

It means that a large majority of voters would like to see the Republican Party do a better job of representing them.

The Republicans are in a bit of a bind.

It is hard to see how they can move forward without working with the president, especially if they want to remain in power.

This election is not just about Republicans.

It will also be about the country.

It comes down to how Americans see the future.

If Trump wins, the country will have to decide how it feels about its government.

The country is going to have to answer for itself how much it values democracy, how it values liberty, and how it views its own history.

How can it be a country that values democracy and liberties but at the same time is so angry and frustrated with the lack of progress in the country?

It will be up to Americans to decide.

If Republicans can’t find a way to work with the new president, then they’ll be faced with a choice between two very different futures.

It seems likely that Democrats will win control of both chambers of Congress, but Trump will be in the White Senate.

If Democrats don’t win control in either chamber, they will be facing a very difficult choice.

Do they want a party that represents all of their constituents, but which is unable to take a lead in fighting for their interests, or do they want the party that has been able to elect a number of Republican governors and senators, but can’t even take the presidency?

Either way, it seems that there is a significant difference between the two options.

And the stakes are high.

Democrats are in the position of having to choose between their party and the country, and it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

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