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You may be thinking, ‘I can’t afford that’.

Well, your daughter may be in need of boots too, but a new school supply store is promising a new breed of trousers, called weaver leather.

“Weavers are the original jeans, they were the jeans made in America, and they’re now the jeans that we buy at our local store,” said Debbie Williams, who runs a supply store in her spare time.

“I just bought a new pair of black leather trousers at the last minute.

I wanted a different style, and this new style was perfect.”

It’s not just the new colour that’s striking though, with a black fabric that will also be able to be washed with a wash cycle.

“This is a very good new way to use leather that is very durable and washable,” she said.

“You can wear it all day, or you can put it on for a bit of colour and you have a different look to wear.”

And it’s great because it’s going to be a lot more affordable than buying new.

“Ms Williams also has some advice for parents.”

My advice to parents is to take their daughter for a walk, and see what she likes,” she added.”

It’s a great way to see her personality and personality type.”‘

I just want to give my daughter something special’Another new addition to the supply store’s line up is a new style of weaver trousers called “teacher leather” that will be available to buy.”

They are a bit more affordable, and it’s a different material, it’s more luxurious,” Ms Williams said.

It’s the latest in a line of styles from local weavers, who are also stocking a new line of trousers.”

Our business is based on having the best, the most authentic, quality leather, which is why we always go with the most beautiful weavers in town,” Ms Kieren said.

Ms Williams said that she started her business when she was a single mother and didn’t know anyone who could supply the children’s needs.”

The kids were all so young, they didn’t have much money, they just wanted to dress up in the clothes, or they wanted to play with the toys, or play with toys,” she explained.”

So I started looking for something for them, and that’s why I started teaching them.

“The weaver-style trousers were made in her own workshop in Co. Donegal, and will be made in-house.”

As we grow, we are always looking to do things better, so we will always make quality leather for our customers,” Ms Toms said.

This new model of leather will be sold in both women’s and men’s styles, and the trousers will be “used in all of our classes”.”

We want to offer our customers the best quality, the best customer service, and we will do everything we can to make sure they receive the best service,” Ms Nelley said.

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