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Sally Beauty Supply was the first store in the world to offer a Pink school supplies and cake supplies. 

The store is in the Sydney CBD, near Sydney’s CBD shopping precinct.

The store was founded by the husband of Sydney’s first female teacher, Sally Beauty. 

Sally Beauty Supply is the first brick and mortar school supply store to offer Pink supplies and cakes.

It also offers a variety of other items including school supplies, hand-knit scarves, school bags and school-themed gift cards.

Sally is a boutique beauty and fashion company, founded in 1999.

It is one of only a handful of independent beauty supply stores in Australia.

In 2015, Sally was the only independent brick and mortars to be awarded a gold award in the Beauty and Fashion Industry Awards, which recognised the best in the industry.

Sally has been providing Pink school supply and cake supply for more than 20 years.

The business started in the 1970s and Sally Beauty has grown to more than 2,500 staff.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry over the years.

We’ve seen the rise of online and mobile commerce,” Sally Beauty’s CEO, Angela Williams said.”

But the trend of the Pink school products is still very strong, with a strong, vibrant Pink community, with lots of community events.”

This is why we’re so excited about Sally Beauty supply.

She’s one of the few independent brick-and-mortar school supply stores that’s providing a wide range of Pink school and beauty supplies.

“The Pink school items are made from natural materials and incorporate designs inspired by the Pink Triangle, a collection of flowers that is associated with the Pink triangle of colours.

Pink school supplies include Pink flowers, Pink pencils, Pink hairpins, Pink bow tie and Pink socks.

Schools are also encouraged to make their own Pink school books, Pink books, and Pink clothing.”

It’s about supporting kids and it’s about making a positive impact on the community,” Ms Williams said.”

Pink products have been a key part of Sally Beauty since the 1970’s and today, we’re very proud to be a member of the exclusive Pink Schools and Schools of NSW.

“We’re passionate about Pink and we know how important it is to be part of a positive community where kids are learning, and having fun,” Ms Williamson said.

The store also sells a range of other products, including gifts and school supplies.

Students are encouraged to dress up in Pink school gear and wear pink.

About Sally Beauty: Slightly more than two decades ago, Sally began the Pink supply business, offering quality school supplies including Pink pencil and pencil sleeves, Pink scarves and Pink hats.

Since then, the business has grown into a multi-million dollar business and now employs over two hundred people.

It is one a local independent business and has a passionate and dedicated community of Pink students, parents and teachers. 

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