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U.S. soldiers are not required to report their military supplies to the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, which provides them to local militaries, as they are supposed to.

The DLA receives and analyzes those supplies from suppliers in the military and from commercial manufacturers.

But the process can be time-consuming, and military commanders are sometimes unaware of how to obtain them, according to an AP investigation that examined what information the agency received and what was sent to it.

The AP spoke with more than a dozen military and civilian personnel about how their supplies came into the DLA’s hands and how they got them.

They described how they handled the logistics of getting them, how they ended up on their lists, and what the process is for getting them back.

What was the process like for you to receive your supply?

We had to submit a Form 1 to DLA and the DOL.

We didn’t have to submit it.

The DLA sent us a letter saying we were receiving a shipment.

We received it and we went and got it, and then we called the DSA and got the letter.

The first thing they asked us was, “How long did it take to get this?”

We said it was a couple of weeks, and they said, “It took you longer than we expected.”

The next thing they said was, I’m sorry.

We are going to send you a letter.

We’re going to say that the items we sent you were not the items that you ordered, that they weren’t in stock.

They said, you can send a letter to the person who actually ordered the items.

We sent them a letter and they told us that they would send a copy of it to the DFA, and we then got a letter back saying that it had been shipped.

We then went to DFA headquarters and we had to wait for a few days for a call to get back with the DCA.

We waited for the DDA to call us and then they called us.

It took them a few hours to call.

When they called, we were like, “Why did you have to call the DIA and DLA?”

They said because they had to do the tracking.

We told them, “No, they are not tracking anything.”

It took about five minutes.

The next day, they called and told us the goods were not in stock, and that we could order them.

The next day they called again, and it was just like, what the hell happened?

The next morning, we had the goods.

We had them in our warehouse.

We got them to a truck, which took them to the store, and the next day we had them on our shelves.

What are some of the challenges of getting supplies into the hands of local militiamen?

First of all, it’s a lot of paperwork.

We have to do a lot more than just submit a form to the military.

The process of going to DMA is very much a collaborative process, and you’re going in with a lot less oversight than if you had just gone to the supply store.

The local militias can order a lot different stuff, and depending on the location, you’re dealing with a wide range of different suppliers.

They can order anything, from military-issue clothing to home appliances, and there are a lot that the local militia could not even have at home.

What is the DBA’s role in the delivery process?

The DBA is a part of the Defense Logistic Agency.

They make sure that they have all the necessary materials in place, so that they can order those supplies, and so we have to go to them.

The military is required to get a DLA report of what they ordered and what they did not order.

If the DMA gets a complaint about something that it does not order, it will call the military to get it corrected.

The Military Assistance Advisory Committee, which is responsible for providing advice to the president and vice president on the delivery of U.N. and other humanitarian aid, has a special unit that reviews the logistics for each aid package, and has a lot to say about what we can do to ensure that the DGA is getting what it wants.

The U. N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has a different set of procedures for providing humanitarian assistance, but the process for getting a DFA report is similar.

The U. S. Army has a DBA office in Baghdad, and this is the office that has to deliver all the goods that the U. W. Army and DMA are ordering.

What they do is they have to have an agreement with the local government in Baghdad.

So, they have some sort of agreement with that government that says they will deliver the goods and they are responsible for the safety and security of the people who are going.

What happens if the DFO is not happy with the U,S.

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