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In February, the US Department of Education published a report that said the supply of school supplies in the US is in serious decline.

The report also warned that, in 2018, more than 70 million children would need more than a week to prepare for school, and that nearly half of the country’s public schools would be closed.

The government has been trying to boost supplies, and in February the Department of Defense launched a $3 billion program to expand its supply of supplies to schools.

In an effort to help teachers, the Department also pledged to spend $100 million to provide teachers with school supplies that are already available.

The government has also started a school supply program.

However, that money hasn’t helped much.

A report from the Brookings Institution said that in 2017, the total amount of school equipment was $4.9 trillion.

In addition to the military, the U.S. government has invested $5 billion to buy equipment from suppliers and train teachers.

That effort has been slow, though, and teachers in states that were heavily affected by the crisis have said that teachers are getting poorer.

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the federal government has spent $4 billion on equipment purchases to try and get teachers ready for the 2018 school year.

The department has also set aside $1.8 billion to hire more teachers, but the problem is not getting better, said Stephanie Schreiner, a policy analyst with the Education Trust, a group that advocates for education.

As supplies dwindle, schools are struggling to stay open.

In California, for example, there are still more than 40,000 students in school, but there are fewer than 100 teachers, Schreina said.

Some schools have closed their doors, including a school in Chicago that had more than 100 students in attendance.

The school had been open for nearly a year, but that was short-lived.

In the summer, a fire in the cafeteria forced the closure of the school.

There have been other cases of schools shutting down.

In 2017, a school shut down in Texas because it couldn’t afford to feed all the students.

The closure of schools, and the lack of supplies, has caused teachers to question their skills, said John Stone, an education consultant who runs Stone School Supply.

In 2018, a shortage of teachers has left some parents frustrated.

A number of teachers have been fired, Stone said, and students have started to complain about having to go to school with their hands tied.

Some of those teachers say they are trying to find work elsewhere.

“It’s a pretty grim state of affairs, and it’s not going to get better, and so I have to work to make it better,” said Stone, who was laid off by the school in 2017.

“I’m not going away.”

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