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Hacker News article With office supplies out of reach for some, it’s become a matter of survival.

Here are some ideas to make your office supplies last longer.


Use a drawer lid to store office supplies.

If you have a drawer that’s not big enough to hold all your supplies, you can use a drawer-lid to store them.


If your office supply drawer has a shelf, use it to store your office items.

You can use the top shelf of the drawer to store the office tools, or the bottom shelf to store other office items, such as office supplies, printers, and office furniture.


If a shelf is too small to fit all your office equipment, you’ll want to add more shelves to the drawer.

A drawer-sized shelf is perfect for office furniture, and can also be used to store desktops, computer accessories, and other office furniture pieces.


Use shelves that are adjustable for different sizes of office equipment.

There are several office supplies available that can be adjusted for different office equipment sizes.


Use shelf magnets to store different office supplies and other equipment in the drawer, which makes them easier to access.


Use the drawer lid of your office cabinet to hold a small number of office supplies in the top of the cabinet, and a large number of other office supplies to the bottom.


If there’s a drawer in the middle of your cabinet, put the top drawer in a corner, so that the drawer itself doesn’t have to go through the middle.


Use your office chair to add extra storage space in your office by using the cabinet as a drawer.


Use drawers that are at the right height for your office, so you can easily reach them from other cabinet or desk items.


You could use a drawer that’s at least two inches (5 cm) tall to hold office supplies that are a bit smaller than the office cabinets.


Place your office accessories in drawers in your cabinet and office shelves to make sure that your office and other items can easily access them.


Use dividers to keep different office items separated in different drawers.


If it’s your first year at work, it can be hard to see all your equipment in different cabinets.

Here’s how to organize your equipment drawer in your workspace.


If all of your supplies and office items are in different locations, it will be easier to work from home.

Here is how to arrange your office tools in a way that makes them accessible.


If everything is in one cabinet, you might have trouble finding the office supply that you need at the office table.

Here, you could organize your office desk and desk accessories so that you can find them quickly.


Use drawer lids to keep office supplies separated from other office equipment and other offices furniture pieces, such the chairs.


If office supplies aren’t enough, you may want to consider adding a second office supply cabinet, or using a desk or computer desk as a storage cabinet.

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