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It is an age-old question, one that has long been debated among the world’s leaders, including the United States, which has been accused of the slow pace of technological development that has allowed nations to take advantage of each other’s technological superiority.

It has also been the subject of much debate.

The two-year global supply chain study, published on Tuesday by the World Bank, is the first to compare the economic impact of the different technologies in the supply chain and the results suggest that the US is the winner.

In an analysis of the supply chains for almost 200 countries, researchers at the World Economic Forum found that while the US accounted for about half of the global growth in technology, it was only one-third of the economic output of its rival, China.

That is largely because the United State has had an advantage in manufacturing and other areas of advanced technology, and because the U.S. has had more time to develop its own technology, the report said.

China’s economic output has grown steadily since the early 1990s, when the country launched the internet and the smartphone.

The world’s biggest economy has also become more open and collaborative, and China has invested heavily in the education of its people and businesses, the World Trade Organization reported last year.

In 2015, the US overtook China to become the world leader in the manufacturing of industrial machines and machinery.

But in 2020, the U,S.

was still in third place behind China and the European Union, according to the World Economy Institute.

China, which last year surpassed the United Kingdom as the world manufacturing leader, has been expanding its industrial production of computers, electronic products and computer software.

But it has been slower to make robots capable of performing repetitive tasks.

The U.K. is the only industrialized country in the world that still has no shortage of robots, according the World Federation of Robotics.

For its part, China has been working to develop more advanced manufacturing technologies and has begun to take steps to attract foreign investment in the field.

The study found that the U-shaped relationship between technology and trade is stronger in the U in the early stage of technology development than in the late stage.

In the early stages, China is faster in its innovation, the study said.

But as more advanced technology enters the world, it takes a longer time to become a part of the international supply chain, and the longer the delay, the greater the potential damage.

The report also found that, on average, countries that have been trading with one another have traded less than their neighbors, with the exception of the U of A and Germany.

The U. S. also outperformed China in terms of technology.

In its analysis, the researchers said China was more technologically advanced than the U and that the country had developed its own technologies, which is what allowed it to compete more effectively.

However, the results of the study were not necessarily a reflection of the competitiveness of countries in the international economy.

The researchers say that trade, technology and investment are still very much linked in the global economy.

The authors also looked at the impacts of trade and technology on the global environment, and they found that China had a greater effect on the environment than other countries.

For instance, China’s pollution levels have been rising, which was not the case for other developing nations.

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