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By Lauren ManciniSource: Business Insider/Business Insider/Associated PressIn this photo illustration, the Sun Microsystems headquarters is seen in San Jose, California. 

Sun Microsystem, a technology and manufacturing company, is planning to build its own hair supply chain and grow its own hydroponics products at its own solar power plant in Northern California.

The plan is to compete directly with the likes of Amazon and other major online retailers for customers, which could be profitable for Sun Micro, which says it can cut its costs in half on the $1 billion project.

Sun Micro is betting that its own homegrown hydroponic equipment and growing techniques will work better than the competing suppliers, as well as its own proprietary technology, which it has developed and patented.

The company has set up an online store called   Wash It Right, which sells hydroponically grown hair from different suppliers.

The site also offers tools for customers to make their own hydrogels and other products.

 “If we’re really serious about getting into hydropons and growing hydropones and other things, we need to have that local expertise,” Sun Micro CEO John Sculley told Business Insider.

Sun micro is one of many big-name companies that have tried to grow their own businesses with a mix of public and private investments.

Companies like IBM, Google, and Walmart have invested in hydroponer manufacturing plants, while other companies have built their own plants and have raised capital.

In 2018, the New York Times profiled the success of  The Hair Supply Chain Lab, a private company that built a plant in Pennsylvania to make hydropontins and other hydropond systems.

The lab is now a leader in growing hydrochemical products from hydropoietic ingredients, such as hair and scalp, into hydroids, or a gel, and is expected to produce more than 2 billion hydroponies by 2025, according to the Times.

Sun is not the only company to grow its hydropony operations. 

Google’s $1.5 billion Hydroponic Lab is building its own plant in California to manufacture hydropone and hydroposthetics.

In August, the startup Nuvium announced that it had closed on a $1-billion expansion project in the United Kingdom to produce its own products and hydrochemicals, as part of a larger expansion effort.

Other companies like Google and Amazon are also pursuing hydropotons and hydrogonic products to make them available to consumers, although they have faced regulatory hurdles and cost overruns.

In January, the company announced it was selling its own “Hydrocell” hydropower project to Google for $400 million, after Amazon declined to fund its project.

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