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ARGENTINA’S SUPPLY MANAGER has warned that gun dog supplies might be in peril if the country’s government continues to support the weapons industry.

In a rare public appearance, Luis Arguelles, Argentina’s top food and veterinary authority, said a new law introduced last week will ban the export of the weapons and ammunition to the US, the European Union and Japan, unless there is a “national security” or “economic” reason.

Argentina has had a decades-long arms industry, but it has been under pressure from Argentina’s government and its Western allies, who have been keen to bolster its military and police forces.

A new law on Monday prohibits the export to the United States of “all parts, parts parts and accessories” of guns and ammunition that are not “maintained and/or equipped in accordance with the laws of Argentina”.

The United States and other countries are worried that a new round of sanctions will make it harder for Argentina to buy arms from the United Kingdom and other Western nations.

Arguellas said the government was aware of the potential for shortages, and that he hoped the ban would “reduce the pressure” on the country to buy guns from the West.

Arguero said he was not aware of any restrictions on the importation of weapons, but he urged the country and its military to work to meet the demands of the new law.

Armed forces have been under increased pressure by the government and a growing number of opposition politicians in recent years, as a result of their military operations in the country.

Argo has warned the government not to make military gains and that it would try to end the military occupation of the country by July 2019.

Aragero said the armed forces were trying to reduce the number of people entering the country illegally, and he called on the government to enforce the law.

“It is important to ensure that we maintain security and keep the population safe,” he said.

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