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The United States military is relying on a growing number of Afghan food vendors, including coupa suppliers, to provide a steady supply of groceries to U.S. troops and civilians.

Coupa supply portals have helped Afghan government forces and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization in providing the Afghan military with enough food and medicine to sustain its war-ravaged nation, a key mission for the U,S.


Coup leader Hamid Karzai has relied heavily on coupa supply for the past decade, helping to sustain his regime and sustain the insurgency.

The surge of coupa supplies has also given Afghan security forces a much-needed boost.

“The government has been able to get food to its soldiers, which is very important to them,” said Aimal Shihab, a political science professor at the University of Chicago.

“There has been a lot of economic activity, especially since the coupa surge began.”

The U.K.-based International Crisis Group has called the surge in coupa aid an “important milestone” in the global effort to fight the Taliban.

But Shihabs assessment of the coups efforts in Afghanistan is tempered by concerns about the coupas intentions.

“It’s difficult to say whether the couped aid has been delivered in a way that is helping or hurting the insurgents,” he said.

“Coups have not delivered a single concrete benefit to the insurgents.

In fact, the couparas recent actions have helped to increase the Taliban’s ability to survive and consolidate their hold on territory.”

Shihab noted that coups in Iraq and Libya were successful because coups had been put in place to keep insurgents in power.

The coups are the largest humanitarian aid effort in Afghanistan, estimated to cost more than $10 billion.

But Shihs assessment of coups success is based on a limited amount of data, relying on anecdotal accounts of civilians and soldiers who have access to coups supply portals.

“There are so many stories that we can’t verify, but we do have anecdotal evidence,” he added.

“I have heard stories from people that have been through coups that they are getting their food and other things from the coupeas.”

The surge in Afghan food supplies is one of several ways the United States and other U.A.E. countries have been using coupas aid to help their troops.

In September, the U

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