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The Department of Health is calling on people to stay away from the bathroom supply chain, after a report showed more than 1,000 people had their bathroom supplies stolen from the store shelves.

The department’s emergency hotline, which can be reached at 1-800-424-7000, has been set up to help with reporting and helping with the cleanup of stores, which were robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday and Thursday.

The departments office also has posted on Twitter:”Emergency calls about bathroom supplies have increased dramatically.

Do not be fooled by the news that many stores are closed and will remain closed until further notice.

You may have been the victim of a bathroom supply theft and are now at the mercy of criminals who may be using these same tactics against you.”

Some people have reported being robbed by three men in a dark vehicle, while others have reported people being threatened with weapons.

Some people reported that their bathroom equipment had been taken and were being forced to wash it down with bleach, a product made by Kimberly-Clark.

The bleach was reportedly used to bleach toilet tissue before washing it down.

Kobe Bryant, a basketball star and Olympic gold medalist, tweeted about the incident, saying he was “devastated” by it.””

This is something that needs to stop.

If you’re using a toilet tissue to bleach bleach your toilet paper, that’s disgusting and should be reported to the authorities,” Bryant tweeted.

A spokesperson for the department told The Associated Press that “all” of the stores had been robbed, but did not give details.

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