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How will global maritime supply chains shake up the supply chain for ships and equipment?

This week, the Global Supply Chain Forum will be held in Davos, Switzerland, where industry experts from across the globe will share their perspectives on the future of supply chains, as well as how they can help to drive innovation in their respective industries.

The Global Maritime Suppliers Forum is sponsored by the Davos World Economic Forum and the U.S. Navy Institute.

The first two days of the forum, hosted by the U:S.

Department of Commerce, feature the most anticipated speakers and speakers of the year, and will take place in Daves resort town, Davos City.

The panelists include leading experts from supply chains from the automotive, aerospace, maritime, and power sectors, as part of the Daves Maritime Supply Forum.

In addition to industry leaders, attendees will include prominent leaders in the space from the U.:S.

Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, the Department of Energy, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Defense Logistics Agency.

The forum will also include speakers from the private sector, including leading financial institutions, insurance companies, venture capital firms, and others.

The forum will focus on the changing landscape of supply chain and supply chain innovation.

The Forum will address the challenges of creating supply chains that provide value, are sustainable, and are accountable for their operations, with the goal of fostering an inclusive and competitive supply chain.

The topics covered include:What is the Future of Supply Chain?

What Challenges are facing the Supply Chain Industry?

What are the next steps for the Supply Chains Industry?

Are Supply Chains an Industry?

Can the Supplychain Industry be an Ensemble?

What is a Supply Chain Innovation Hub?

What Role do Supply Chains Play in the Future?

What Can the Supplychains Industry Do to Become an Ensembl?

What Lessons can the Supply chains Industry learn from the Maritime Supply Industry?

Where are the most opportunities for the Maritime Industry?

How can the Maritime Business and Industry thrive in this new world?

Panelists include:James M. Steckel, Chief Operating Officer, U. S. Coast Guardsmen Association; David C. Schmitt, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Maritime Insurance Company; Tom B. Hock, President, Naval Sea Systems Command; and Andrew A. Zorba, President and CEO, Global Maritime Holdings.

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