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Coca-Cola Co: $17.6 trillion (source) More than a decade ago, Coca-Cola entered the market as a health drink and it has become one of the world’s biggest beverage brands.

In recent years, however, the company has been plagued by a string of scandals and the company’s stock has fallen in value.

The company has had a tough time in the market over the last year, but the latest quarterly earnings report, released on Monday, has helped it boost its share price to $17,6 trillion.

The report revealed that Coke, which has more than 500 million registered users in the country, now has the largest market share in India with nearly 43% of the market.

The top 10 companies in terms of market share are listed below. 


Coca Cola India: $17.61 trillion ($2.65 trillion – $1.15 trillion)2.

Coca – India: $16.98 trillion  ($1.69 trillion -$1.06 trillion)3.

CocaCola India:$15.91 trillion $1.68 trillion  (10th)4.

Coca Coca-Korea: $14.73 trillion  $1,738.7 billion (9th)5.

CocaCo India: £14.15 billion $9,543.5 billion (11th)6.

CocaWest: £10.99 billion  $9,097.4 billion (10)7.

Coke India:£8.81 billion  ($2.16 billion -$0.83 billion)8.

PepsiCo India:(source: Euromonitor International) $8.55 billion ($1.62 billion – $2.18 billion)9.

Coca Co.: £8.04 billion  (£1.17 billion  – $0.79 billion)10.

Pepsi India:  $7.92 billion (1.07 billion  –  $3.38 billion)Source: Euromoney, Bloomberg, McKinsey

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