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Posted October 02, 2018 15:23:52 The United States, Australia and Japan have all announced that they will begin exporting their crop of industrial metal to the United States next year.

The first shipment of industrial metals is expected to arrive in mid-September. 

According to Reuters, the US Department of Commerce (USDC) says it is looking at options for “high-value export projects” as part of a “preliminary review of U.S. metal supply options”.

The US will export approximately 5,000 tonnes of industrial aluminum to Japan, and 2,500 tonnes of aluminum and aluminum products to Australia.

The US and Japan will also each import about 6,500 metric tonnes of high-grade steel from China, the Reuters report said.

China, which imports about half of the world’s industrial metals, has not signed an agreement to sell to the US.

In a bid to diversify its export markets, the United Kingdom will also export aluminum, copper and zinc to the European Union in 2019.

A similar agreement was signed with the EU in 2021, Reuters reported.

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