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Nail polish has always been a staple in China’s high-end luxury market.

And the Apple store in Beijing is no exception.

But for the past few years, the brand’s popularity in the country has been hampered by China’s strict regulations.

This week, Apple unveiled an app for the store to allow customers to buy their favourite nail polish in China and export it to the US.

The company’s flagship stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen have been flooded with orders from customers keen to get their hands on the brand.

Apple is also expanding its existing distribution network in China, with a new location in Shanghai set to open next year.

In an interview with TechRadars, Apple’s China chief, Mark Muir, said the company was excited about the prospect of expanding its distribution network there, with more stores and more apps.

“We’re going to add more stores,” Muir said.

“More apps will come from the app store and more of the product will come via the app stores.”

Muir added that the new app will also enable customers to choose from the brands they want to buy, such as nail polish and body paint.

“The Apple Store is going to be like a hub for all our products,” he said.

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