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Supply chains can be complicated, so if you want to make sure your supply chain is safe and secure, it’s important to understand what your supplier is doing.

The Supply Chain Safety Team at Platt Electric Supply, the largest electric supply chain in the United States, is working with the U.S. Department of Energy to help customers better understand what their electric supply contracts are and what to expect from suppliers.

The team includes Platt’s executive vice president of supply chain safety, Jim Hagen, Platt Vice President of Supply Chain Technology and Engineering, Paul Lefkowitz, and Platt Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations, Greg Dorman.

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for the nation’s supply chain security, but it’s not a government agency, Hagen said.

It’s not just Platt that is responsible, either.

“We’re not a governmental agency,” Hagen told CBS News.

“Our focus is on our customers.”

The Platt Safety Team is working on a series of training videos that will help customers understand the role that the Department of Labor plays in ensuring the safety of the electric supply chains.

Hagen said the team will be taking videos and answering questions from customers and customers of other suppliers.

The videos are intended to help electric customers understand how they can protect their own business and how the federal government can help them protect their electric supplies.

Platt is a leading supplier of electricity in the U and has more than 1,200 locations across the country.

Platts goal is to make electric supply safer, but to achieve that, the company has invested in the following steps:Platt has worked closely with DHS and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to improve its supply chain and supply chain protection measures, and its actions are consistent with federal safety standards.

The company has also partnered with the National Grid to help with the implementation of its supply chains safety policies.

The government and Platts customer safety team is also working with suppliers on other areas of the supply chain.

The Platts Safety Team also has the following resources to help protect consumers:The company will be offering a video series that will provide customers with the background information they need to understand the importance of supply chains to the U to ensure the safety and security of their electric grid.

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