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A new building supply company will be opening in downtown Ottawa this month after more than 20 years of operation in Toronto.

The company is called The Building Supply Company of Ottawa and it is located in a renovated former auto parts store on Queen Street East in downtown.

The new store is expected to be open by March.

The building supply business started in 1984 when an owner decided he wanted to grow the business.

He decided to start a supply store, but the store did not have enough employees to handle the demand for new vehicles and other equipment.

In 2005, he bought a large building on the corner of Queen and Richmond streets and started construction.

Since then, the business has expanded to include several other buildings and offices.

The Building Supplies Company of Ontario (BSCO) is a member of the Canadian Association of Building Supply Stores (CASS).

BSCO is one of the largest building supply stores in the world and it has been providing quality building supplies since the late 1960s.

The business has a presence in every major city in Canada, including Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg.

In the last five years, the company has grown from 50 to more than 100 stores in 25 countries.

The BSCo website says its customers include businesses in construction, commercial, industrial and agriculture sectors.

It says the company is currently the third largest provider of building supplies in Canada.

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