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A new report by dairy farmer Sally Sowles, which she is calling The World’s Most Expensive Dairy Farm, has revealed the highest cost of land for a single farm in the world.

The study has been released by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and analysed the cost of each dairy farm on land, using data from around the world to give an average price for each farm.

Sowles said the report was “a real eye opener” for many who work in the dairy industry.

“It’s been quite a shock to see the cost for each dairy cow and milk being so high,” she said.

“But the fact that it’s such a high price for dairy farming means there’s a lot of work to be done.”

The report shows that the average cost of a dairy farm was $3,634 in 2016.

It also found that the highest price paid for each cow in a herd was $5,099, with $2,719 in total.

“You can see it all in the price,” Sowls said.

“The price of milk, you can see how much more expensive it is for cows than for dairy farms, which means the costs are higher.”

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in the future.

The report also highlighted how the price of cattle milk varied depending on the type of cow. “

In the case of a herd of five cows and three calves, the cost per cow is $5.7 million in land and $8.5 million in water,” she explained.

The report also highlighted how the price of cattle milk varied depending on the type of cow.

“For example, if a cow had milk for a calf of 4 months and produced a calf with milk for another calf of 12 months, it would cost $8,065 in land, water and feed to produce that calf,” she wrote.

“If a cow was producing milk for one calf of 2 years, it could be paid $859.50 in land cost and $1,086 in water cost.”

Sowls added that it was important to remember that the costs of land are a “one-off” cost for dairy farmers and were often underestimated.

“For example in the US, the land cost for producing a dairy cow is more than double what it is in the UK,” she continued.

“This can be a big problem when you’re in a dairy-producing region like Europe where you have a lot more farmers in one area.”

Land is expensive, and the average price of land is an extremely important consideration for dairy producers and producers of milk.

Dairy farms can provide a lot for the environment, but the environment is also cost. “

We can’t just look at the land costs alone, we also need to look at what the land value is of the dairy farm.”

Dairy farms can provide a lot for the environment, but the environment is also cost.

So it’s a balance to be aware of,” she added.

Read more about dairy in The Daily Telegraph

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