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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and the Note 6 Plus are the latest iPhones to feature a new feature called the “Enhanced Storage.”

If you want more storage, you’ll need a 4GB model with 128GB of internal storage.

But if you want an 8GB model, you’re better off getting a Snapdragon 830.

The new features come to the Note 5 and 6, and while they are both on the same model, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 all have their own storage modes.

That means you can now go to the “Advanced” storage mode, which requires the phone to be plugged in.

Here, you can either have an 8 GB model, 128GB model or 128GB and 64GB models.

There’s a 4 GB option too, but that’s only available in the “Pro” and “Advanced Pro” storage modes, respectively.

Samsung has yet to provide any specs on what the “pro” and the “advanced” storage variants of the phones are, but there is no indication that they’ll be any different than the 8GB models or the 128GB models in terms of specs.

The Samsung S6 and Galaxy S5 have both also had their own custom ROMs added to them, with the Galaxy Tab 3 8.1.1, the Note 7 and Note 8 running an update that brought Samsung’s own version of the company’s custom ROM to the S6.

Samsung says the “Extended” storage version of these phones will only be offered as a part of a “premium package,” but it’s not clear if the “premier package” will include a “limited edition” model.

If you buy an “extended” phone, you don’t get the 4GB storage, but if you buy a “regular” phone (the Note 5) and then upgrade to a “pro,” you get the 128 GB version.

It’s unclear if that means the same phone will get the “extend” feature.

Samsung says it’s working on a “standard” storage feature, which would be the same as “extending” the storage, in the next update to the phones.

If you’re going to buy an iPhone with a “Premium” phone option, Samsung is offering up to $1.2,000, or $1 of $1 more, if you upgrade the phone with an “Advanced Plus” or “Premium Plus” option.

Samsung is also offering the option of upgrading to “Advanced Super” with a $2.9,000 upgrade, which could get you a 128 GB phone.

There are also plans available for “Advanced Advanced Plus” and an “Extend” version of a phone for $1 per month.

The Galaxy Note 7 Plus will be available for $2 more, and the iPhone 6 Plus with an 8-inch display will be $2 cheaper, depending on the model you buy.

But both phones will also have 4GB options available.

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