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American soldiers have been deployed in Afghanistan to clean up what they can.

But they’re also sending a message about the US’s willingness to provide military aid.

A US Army base near the city of Kandahar has become the epicenter of a humanitarian effort in Afghanistan after it was damaged by a Taliban suicide bomber.US military supplies have also been sent to aid the Afghan government in its fight against the Taliban, who have been gaining ground in the war-torn country.

The United States and its allies are sending more than $500 million in military aid to Afghanistan.

The supplies include vehicles, food, medical supplies and ammunition.

The aid has been a huge draw for the Afghan military, which has struggled with the Taliban in recent months.

In a statement, the Afghan National Security Forces said it would “continue to assist the Afghan people, even if it means risking life and limb to help save lives”.US military support to the Afghan army has been the main reason for the Taliban’s rise in recent years.US forces in Afghanistan have been working to train Afghan forces since 2009 and were deployed in 2014.

They have been given $6 billion worth of equipment and are assisting the Afghan security forces.US Secretary of State John Kerry said last week that the United States has been working with the Afghan Government to “continue the efforts that have been made to get these troops back into the field”.

“But it is also the case that we’re providing training assistance to the Afghans,” he said.

“We are working with them to support the Afghan troops and help them train them.”

“We’re also providing support to local security forces, which we’ve been doing so we can do more work to support them and to keep them safe,” he added.

The Afghan government has said it will not give up the fight against Taliban insurgents, who are also fighting for control of large parts of Afghanistan.

But the Taliban are fighting to gain territory in Afghanistan and have also made gains in neighboring Pakistan.

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