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Read moreAussie internet service provider iiNet says it has begun using cloud-based storage services for pet supplies, air supply songs and kitchen supplies.

It has also added a new “internet of things” service called Petcube to help pets find supplies.

The new service, called PetCube, aims to help pet owners make sense of the growing digital landscape, including a surge in online shopping.

“The idea is that if you have a pet, you want to have the latest and greatest things for your pet,” iiNet chief executive Andrew White said.

“So you can’t always rely on the manufacturer or retailer for that.”

The company says there are now over 1,500 pet supplies on its website, including toys, bedding, bowls, and pet supplies.

“With this new service we’re bringing the same service to the home, we’re also going to be offering a range of the things that you want on your pet’s supply,” Mr White said, adding the service would help people understand how to buy pets.

“We’re also adding in an online shop so you can browse and search for the products that you might want to purchase.”

The Petcube service will only work with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google and others, and it will not be available to people who have pets under six months old.

“It’s only available for those who have cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits, which are our core groups,” Mr Whitesaid.

“The only way that this service is going to work is if the pet has been around for at least six months.”

He said there would be no charges for the service, although he added it was possible that the price could be higher than the retail price for the items.

“I’m confident that it’s going to cost a fair amount,” Mr Whit said.

A company called Petcubed also launched to help people find pet supplies online, but there was no direct support for pet owners.

“There are a lot of online retailers that will provide you with products for your pets, but we have no support for pets,” Petcubs chief executive Sarah White said in a statement.

“Petcubing is not designed to offer a solution for pet care.”

The Australian Pet Supplies Association (APSA) has welcomed the move, but said the pet supply market was in a state of flux.

“At present there are a number of online suppliers that are offering pet supplies at a much lower price than what the real deal is, which is pet food, food, feed, treats, toys, pet treats, kennels, veterinary medications, etc,” APSA CEO Tim Farrar said.

“We believe this new way of getting access to pet supplies should make it easier for pet lovers to shop for pet products online.”

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