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My name is Scott, and I own a plumbing supplies store called The Supply Store.

I also own a barbershop that I run myself, as well as a beauty salon, which I also run myself.

I’ve been writing this article since June.

I first heard about plumbing supplies on the internet when I was about six years old, and since then I’ve always wanted to be a plumbing product designer, so I bought myself a book on the subject and spent a few years working on it.

I’m also very good at drawing, and have a lot of ideas about the way I’d like to design products.

I decided to make this article to show people how I work, what I’m passionate about, and why I think they should buy products that I make.

It’s a lot like my first article on Reddit: I love the product, but I hate wasting my time.

I try to avoid any “wasting time” that I feel will hurt my business.

So this article will show you everything I do to help you find the right products for your business, how I build products, and how I make them look.

What do I do when you want something from me?

I have a few basic rules that apply to all my products.

If you don’t have my products in stock or I’m busy with my day, I will try to get them by email.

If I’m not in a hurry to ship out the product and I have to work on a project, I’ll ask for feedback.

If a product is already in stock, I don’t do anything special.

I just keep it in my inventory and let it do the talking.

If it’s a limited edition, I use the same basic rules.

I’ll only do a limited number of these items, so if you’re not happy with the one you got, I won’t try to make a second one.

I do offer limited time offers for limited-edition products, but it’s rare, so you’ll have to contact me first.

Do I do things the old-fashioned way?

Yes, of course!

I do the same exact way I always have: buy, put in my address, wait, wait.

Sometimes, though, there are products that are out of stock.

Sometimes they don’t even sell on the website!

If that’s the case, I try and make sure to do a quick “back order” if I can.

It might take a few days, but eventually it’ll be back in stock.

If the product isn’t in stock yet, you can just ask me directly.

Do you have an online store?


I also sell products through my website.

Do the online store products have to be in stock?


I only have one online store.

Does that mean I can’t sell to other people?


I can sell directly to customers through my online store, which is where I’m able to get most of my products from.

I don, however, also sell directly through my barbershops, beauty salons, and other businesses that sell directly online.

Do my products have tags?


I have “specialty” tags for my products that indicate what kind of work they do.

If there’s a “pandemic” type tag, that means they’re handcrafted in the kitchen, and are designed for someone like me who wants something special.

If they’re in the “pesticide” category, they’re a product for people with allergies, or a product that will protect you from a chemical attack.

I can also write a tag for a product if it’s too difficult to find a product in my store.

I may have a special recipe or product that I can make and put in a tag that says, “This recipe was made by a customer who was very special, and we’re going to make it for you!”

Do you accept returns?

Yes of course, and my customers are always happy to exchange items.

Do products have “return policy”?


All of my items come with a 90-day guarantee.

I accept returns on my products for the following reasons: I made a mistake with the product; I don and won’t refund you; I have any special requirements; I can see what happened to the product.

Do they have an expiration date?

Most products don’t, but some do.

A 90-days guarantee is a great guarantee for the customer, but if the product is out of date, they may be out of luck.

Do their prices vary?

No, they do not.

There’s nothing to worry about, because I have my “expiration date” set at the time I’m buying the product in the first place.

Does my product have a shelf life?

Most items are designed to last for years.

Some items are more durable than others, but they usually don’t last more than a year.

Does it have to look like the original product?

I love that it doesn’t, because it shows

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