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People looking to buy new, used or recycled items at a Pet Supply store may be surprised to find that most of them are for pets only.

In fact, a Pet Supplies survey of 715 retail outlets in the U.S. found that more than 80 percent of stores had no pet supply options, while nearly 60 percent had no products for dogs.

The lack of pet supplies in stores is a problem, according to Amy Gazzaniga, a pet food scientist at the Pet Nutrition Research Center at the University of Michigan.

It’s also a challenge for pet owners who want to save some money by buying used pet food and pet supplies that are labeled as non-toxic and not pet food.

Gazzanigas research shows that pet owners are often surprised to see products for their pets listed for sale at pet supply stores.

For example, when Gazzagas examined products at a California pet supply retailer, more than half of the products were labeled as “non-toxics,” meaning they are not recommended for humans or pets.

The Pet Nutrition report found that only 14 percent of the pet food labels on pet food shelves at a number of Pet Supply stores were labeled “toxic.”

“There’s a lot of confusion around pet food, which is a big problem,” Gazzaga said.

“Some of these products may be toxic to pets and the label will say so.

But it doesn’t tell you the toxicity of the product.”

Pet food manufacturers use a variety of terms to describe products, including the term “organic” to describe ingredients that are not made from animals, the term, “natural” to mean the product has been tested for the presence of toxins, and the term ‘organic’ to indicate that it is safe to eat.

The term “non food” is often used by pet food manufacturers to refer to products that are sold as non pet food in stores.

The American Pet Products Association says it has been trying to help pet owners get more information about pet food safety.

A number of consumer education programs are available at pet stores and at local pet supply retailers, the AUPA says on its website.

The association recommends that pet food consumers look for pet food products with a label that states the product is not for use on pets, and pet food that says it is non-contaminated, free of pesticides and that contains no animal by-products.

Pet supply stores are required to have a pet-friendly logo, but Gazzaggi said there is no requirement for pet stores to have that logo on their shelves.

The AUPPAA recommends that stores include pet food packaging with their labels that clearly states the pet-only products are non-pet-friendly.

“The goal is to get consumers to know that the products that they’re buying for their pet are non pet-useable,” Guzza said.

“They’re not safe for their animals and they’re not going to kill your pets.”

Gazzaggas research also shows that consumers often overlook the potential of pet food ingredients to be toxic.

“Pet food ingredients can have very high levels of chemicals that we don’t really know how they interact with the animals and the environment,” Gaskin said.

In the case of non-pest-free pet food such as “natural,” the AIPA recommends that consumers test the product for toxic chemicals and other contaminants by using a pet safety product test kit.

“We also recommend that consumers check out the ingredients for toxicity to pets before buying it,” Gizza said, adding that pet health experts should also check out products to make sure they contain no pet by-product ingredients.

Guzza recommends consumers use a pet health product test kits when buying pet food to see if there are any other pet health ingredients in the product.

Pet owners who are concerned about the health of their pets should contact their veterinarian for more information.

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